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Tekst moet nog aangepast worden

Tenorin is madness. In his new project, Joachim Gys is inspired by worldbeat, dub and Dutch poetry, among other things, and creates a unique and innovative style. Echoes from Balkan Beat Box, Tinariwen and even Hugo Claus ensure an unheard of trip that sticks to the ribs. Expect a symbiosis of language and music: cool riffs, groovy solos and poetic lyrics.

Tenorin has only been playing together for a year, but has already left many audiences with silence. They also released some well received singles. Their first album is expected in 2020.

Three musicians will fire the songs at you:  Joachim Gys (vocals, accordion, electronics), Florian De Schepper (guitar, bouzouki) and Ambroos De Schepper (sax, flute).